March 17, 2011

I wanna be delgada to fit into my Prada

The title is so so so random but i was hearing 'fashionista' by Jimmy James when i wrote this,so this is my explenation ;-)
Today ,i went downtown again and took photos for the post i told u some days ago(hint:the reason u need to visit thessaloniki)..It will be ready tommorow so here is a taste of my day...i took some photos of the Tory Burch flats that i want so bad and after enjoying some junk food i ate macarons(rasberry is my favourite)..

These are two new loves..the parrot sweater is THE cutest and the orange Zara dress is so adorable,so lolita like...

These are some new babies...

just a silly pic....and i am eating my last macaron at home...

Love u

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