May 21, 2012

Time to work

So i've been talking to you about big changes in life.So i am moving!Right now i am packing and tommorow morning i will be in the city of Katerini to work in a hotel.Away from my family,my friends and my beloved cats,oh it feels so crap!I will be there until at least the end of September so 4 months for sure...The pictures were shot today ,as i was leaving to visit the mall for some last minute shopping!Anyway-the next post will be full of pictures from my new life...See you soon darlings!

Love u all,Marissa


  1. Kalh arxh kai kalh epituxia sto neo sou ksekinhma! :)
    Perimenoume polles photos!

  2. hope to be more happy there!!!!! love this necklace so much!!!

  3. Iperoxes fwtografies! Mou aresei poli to kolie sou!
    Kali arxi sti nea sou douleia! Elpizw na peraseis teleia to kalokairi kai na vgaleis polla lefta gia psonia, opws thes! :P
    Filia polla!

    Call me M @ Do You Speak Gossip?

  4. Sou euxomai na peraseis teleia, exw paei katerinh polles fores k einai polu omorfa ekei.
    Marisa mou na se rwthsw kati? to kolie sou apo pou to exeis parei exw skasei na thumithw pou to exw dei alla den thumamai to thelw apelpismena einai auto akrivws pou psaxnw gia auto an mporeis pes m mesw enos comment.

  5. Oh this must be so exciting! Moving away for a few months to a new lifestyle, can't wait to see what you're going to tell us next :)
    Great look and accessories, love the sunglasses and the necklace!

  6. Τέλεια...καλό ξεκίνημα με τη νέα σου δουλειά!!! Είσαι μια κουκλίτσα...απλή και chic!!!!

  7. kali arxi koukla good luck xx poly omorfo to casual sou outfit xx latrevo to kolie! auta ta statment kolie panta dinoun allo aera sta kathimerina kai apla outfits!

  8. your outfit is so cute! love the colored jeans and the flats! and aw we DO have the same bag! :) you look lovely darlin and i wish you all the best in your new life ! :)


  9. το κολιε απιστευτοοοο!!

  10. ΠΟλυ ομορφα γυαλια και κολιε!

  11. wow that's really nice, hope you have a great summer working in Katerini! looking forward to seeing more photos xx

    steph /