April 20, 2011

Green-light blue and brown...Do u feel this combination?

Today it was a looong looong day..i woke up so early because we had so many things to do since easter is so close and as a resulet i slept only 3 hours.....i managed to sleep 1 hour after lunch and then i spended all the afternoon at the mall with my godmother..we came back home at 9 and all i could thing was my bed...Then Evan called and after a quick conversation we went to the mall -again- to watch ''Scream4''.
The movie was shit,shity plot,actually it was a funny horror movie.It only had about 2 or 3 really scary scenes but the rest...so,i don't suggest it ;-)
In the pictures u'll see the outfit i was wearing all day long,a lot of colours but i like it :-)
p.s:don't u just love the nude nail polish??i was looking for this colour everywhere!!
p.s2:i ordered a dreamy bag from asos 4 hours ago(and a pair of fearther earings),i chose the express shiping so i guess u'll be able to see soon the bag i dream of every night ;-)
Love u all,Marissa

jeans by stradivarious
cardigan by zara
scarf by zara
earings bought in paris
bag by accessorize
shoes by bershka(old)
ring by rania ksan8opoulou


  1. k ta frydakia poli wraia! :D (christina)

  2. thaanx an k dn ksetrela8ika gt mou fenomai periergi :P

  3. s panw poli!! mn to skeftese!! mallon 8a niw8is etsi epd den to exis sinithisi! <3