April 2, 2011

Leopard splash a day i had nothing to wear!

Last night i was so sleepy and tired but my friends had already planned our night so i couldn't do different and i followed them...my hair was a mess,my mood was a mess so i couldn't like anything in my wardrobe..finally i wore something simple and used two colourfull details..my h&m leoprad clutch bag and my magenda hoop earings that i use mostly during summer....
Right now i'm trying to find out what to wear tonight..no results yet..so do u have any special plans for later ?
Let me know ;-)
Love u all,Marissa

p.s:i used a light peach vernis on my toe nails ,in case u thought my nails were bare :P


  1. Thank u :-)
    kai itan toso f8ino,mporei akomi na to vreis,h&m ;-)

  2. aaa teleiaa .... savvato pao g psonia 8 t koitakso