April 24, 2011

My blue dream,easter outfit :-D

Hello babies,Happy Easter i wish u had the best time with ur friends and family and keep doing it,easter is not over yet :-)
Last night,after we came back from the church we ate the after easter dinner,for the whole family it means a weird stinky soup from lamb or sheep or smthing,for me it means goodys burgers which i buy in the afternoon :P
I ate a kinder chocolate egg and it was still 1 a.m and we were about to go out at 2...so i slept and woke up at 2:15 with a headache....that's why i used flats for my night out..mood zero,feeling sleepy +++....
But finally i came back home at 6,i had a good time ;-)
So how was ur night beauties?Did u had a good time and a good after church dinner?
Love u all,Marissa

dress by h&m
trench coat by h&m
bag by h&m
earings by Guess
bow flats by zara
belt by accessorize


  1. You're so pretty, I love your hair!

    a lot of kisses

  2. Thank u Berta,it's the first time someone's tells me he likes my hair and that makes me super happy :-D

    Thank u girl ;-)
    <3 <3

  3. Thank u Mairyliscious dear :-)