April 26, 2011

Hippie-hippie shake

Ok i know,this is not an original hippie look but the floral print of my dress-top and the braids on my head made me feel like a hippie for a while :P
These pictures were shot on Easter Sunday,after a big fat bbq we had at my grandparents house..
Now that summer is ringing a bell i'm gonna wear my floral clothes everyday :P
In the pictures u'll get to see my two cats that left...2 out of the 7 :-(
Still nothing and my hopes are kinda over....it's already been 3 weeks...I'll never forget them and i'll keep praying for them to come back...see u soon..

Love u all,Marissa

dress by zara
cardigan by stradivarious
flats by zara
jeans by stradivarious
bag by h&m
earings by h&m
bracelets and ring by accessorize