April 11, 2011

To pale pink or not to pale pink?

I loooove pink....not only on clothes..my room is pink,my mobile phone is pink,if i could drive a pink car too i'd be really happy :P
So,i love all the shades of pink and now that it is more than officially spring i tend to wear it every day...
Last spring i bought a pale pink top from h&m and when i tried to match it with something it always looked like a pj to me......But i am a believer in second chances so last saturday i gave it a try....
i think it didn't look like a pj so much :P
So what about u?are u into pale colours?Let me know ;-)

Love u all,Marissa


  1. skourines ta mallakia s?
    stin 2i pic ise theara! (i christina ime btw, apla alla3a to onoma tou blog) ;p

  2. latrevo
    1. to kitrino xroma sta nixia sou
    2.tin tsada tin opoia kapu tin exo dei k dn 8imamai pou
    3.kai t necklace

  3. no den miazei me pj of course :p i love pink as well!! nice photos x i love the bird in cadge necklace! xx

  4. I say yes!!! why not? is gorgeous! I'm following!

    Look my blog and if you like it, follow me!




  5. @ christina..koita ta skourina ton oktwmvrio alla apo t malli m psiloefuge alla stn tresa emeine k epeidi tn forousa fenotan perissotero :P

  6. @MKG...I tsanta kai to mano einai apo ta h&m kai to necklace apo accessorize persi tn xeimona..alla mporeis na to vreis se paromoio edw...

    an k proswrina einai out of stock tha to kanoun restock standar ;-)

  7. @ Fashionable Rose...thank uuu,pink is the spring black :P

  8. @ Sick by trend...hey,thank u so much..just checked ur blog and i follow back too :-)

    nice to meet u

  9. great blog :)
    love your style ♥

  10. Thank u dear,it's so nice to hear such great things :-) <3