April 27, 2011

Just arrived from asos!!!

You have nooo idea how happy i am....about 2 months ago i saw a girl carrying this bag and i instantly fell in love!The colour-the material-the shape,everything is so perfect to me...and since i couldn't resist i asked her from where did she bought the bag.She was kind enough to answer and when i went to the mall where tha Paul's Boutique section is they told me:Sorry but we had only two pink Maisy's and the new ones will arrive after May and in a few pieces..so shit..i then found the PB site where i saw that they do not deliver outside of UK.I cried again...when a day by accident i saw that asos has PB in his brands...sooo a week later (today) i have my baby in my hands <3 <3 <3
I also ordered some huge feather earings....do u like my new babies?????Have u ever ordered from asos and what?
Love u all,Marissa


  1. me geia! kaloforeth! einai teleia!

  2. euxaristw koritsia! :-D
    kai i fotografia dn einai oti kalutero...tha tn deite kalutera sto epomeno post ;-)

  3. i love the bag!! the color is amazing!! mou thimizi bubble gum!! yummy!! maresi k mena auto to brand!! the earrings are cool as well!! very urban! x

  4. Thank u girl :-)sovara den fadazese ti traviksa mexri na tn vrw!to xrwma itan p me ekane na psaksw toso polu ,se travaei!

  5. Popo....ti tsanta!!!
    Th latrepsa!!!

  6. lovely bag!!!